Covid Pandemic and World Tourism Industry

How Covid Pandemic Affect World Tourism Industry?

Kaptai Lake
World tourism in Covid Pandemic

We can all agree that this pandemic that Covid-19 has dragged along with its unforeseen arrival has altered the course of life of one and all. No sector, be it agriculture or cosmetics, has been spared from its wrath. And the world tourism industry has been no exception. According to recent reports, the travel trade has been hit the hardest with the prediction of an unprecedented loss of 80% if this lock-down were to prevail well until the end of this year.

Embarking in March 2020, the restrictions on international flights were issued initially by African and Americas’ countries, and towards the end of the month spread globally all the way to Asia. Apart from immigrants’ return, which was also conditioned with a specified term of quarantine, no foreigners were allowed to set foot overseas. And this sprouted the anticipated result in loss of tourism in Covid-19.

Hotels are left vacated of travels seeking shelter and streets deserted, with no foreign visitors insight. Right along with the rate of employment and manpower needed to operate elegant hotels; the income of public transportation workers has also plummeted. A stroll at the Eiffel Tower, a hike in the Grand Canyon, A peaceful visit in Kaptai lake, a giant artificial lake of Bangladesh or perhaps a dive in the Bunaken Marina Park; such popular tourist activities, along with millions of others, have been long forgotten since the outset of the pandemic. The world tourism industry which once nurtured the needs of many has now crumbled.

The responsibility now falls upon the burdened shoulders of the government to nurse the spoils of the war waged by Covid-19 and get the global economy on track, or at least deviate its steep fall.

International borders of Asia, Europe, Africa, and a couple of other continents have now been reopened to bring a halt to a foreseeable collapse of tourism in Covid-19. It is to be said the certain measures of precaution for the prevention of the further spread of Coronavirus have been promulgated by the governments, sided by the WHO and UNWTO.

With travelers already enthusiast about venturing into foreign lands after months of confinement, it is imperative that the guidelines established by the World Tourism Organization are seen through. With only two objectives in focus, public health, and protection of jobs and businesses, the UNWTO has demanded the availability of liquidity as well as fiscal stimulus packages. Financial aid to support tourism in Covid-19 is an initiative backed up by governments all over the globe. This measure is also to prevent the bankruptcy of small and medium-sized firms in need of funds along with standing-by the self-employed.

Apart from the role played by the authorities, there is a plea for cooperation with the public involved in the world tourism industry. To begin with, travel agencies are to take account of accommodations deemed safe, which are truthfully abiding the measures laid out. Not to forget the transportation and food avenues that place safety above all. Visitors are also, advised to maintain social and wear medical masks and gloves whenever you are out and about.

Even training is being issued by governments to educate healthcare officers on the precautions and proper service required amidst this pandemic. This step is crucial at this point when domestic tourism is highly encouraged, as it takes up a major segment in contribution to the economy. Local flights alongside trains and buses are now being permitted to travel with passengers, granted that guidelines for hygiene and social distancing are followed.

Despite such preventive measures, in the initial stages of reopening of the world tourism industry, it is advised to travel in solitude or to bring along minimum companions to eliminate the further risk of infection due to constant close proximity. Testing the waters in the face of such global spread of an unprecedented virus is only wise, so pack light and make an attempt at not prolonging your trip. If returning home soon does not hold much appeal, then try visiting several destinations for short durations and do not stick to accommodation for long. An outstretched visit overseas to a fixed location is highly discouraged.

Imprisoning yourself at homes out of fear of this pandemic will not help defeat it. Only through participating in tourism in Covid-19 can we demonstrate unity and faith amongst ourselves. With time, patience, tolerance, and minimal effort from everyone, our race will emerge as the victor from this tedious war.

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