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Top 10 Places To Visit South Asia

Chera Dip, Saintmartin
Chera Dip, Saintmartin

Being the largest subcontinent than the other six, the Indian subcontinent encloses 7 amazing countries within it with vast culture, astonishing places to visit, heritage architects, history, and of course, people. This was once the land of Mughals and Samrats. This subcontinent is also the most populous than the others, with people of a different culture, religion, and color. In this article, we are going to know the top 10 places to visit in South Asia those are worth visiting; your vacation, money, or time won’t go in vain.

Not only Europe and America have those enchanting tourist spots to allure you, but these top 10 places in the Indian Subcontinent will also take your breath away.

  • India – the land old architects ( Agra Fort) and GoA
  1. India is quite famous for its marble mausoleum – the TajMahal in Agra city, which was built by Emperor Shahjahan as a sign of love for his wife. Perpetual to the TajMahal, is built the evergreen Agra Fort; it is India’s one of many ancient architects. This 94 acres terracotta fort made with red sandstone was the Mughals’ place of unity, as well as wars. This fort encompasses 500 buildings made with detailed artifacts in each wall. You will get lost in the ancient architect of the Indian Subcontinent if you visit Agra Fort.
  2. If you want to have a Miami vibe in the Indian subcontinent, then you should visit GOA. With the sandy beach connecting to the Arabian ocean, palm trees and cool breeze surrounding it, gives you an absolute serenity.
  • Bangladesh – the land of luscious greenery ( Bandarban& St. Martin)
  1. If you want to dive into the true essence of nature, then you must visit Bandarban, in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh. This is a small city but holds a lot of mesmerizing tourist attractions of the country consisting of hills, waterfalls, and greens as far as your eyes go. The most popular spots of Bandarban are Nilgiri, Nilachal, and Boga Lake. The panoramic awe-striking views from the hilltops are something to live for. The ranges of the mountain of Nilgiri and Nilachal covered with lush greens, the hill-top Boga Lake is worth a visit in life.
  2. All are aware of the longest sea-beach on earth in Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar, but neighboring to it lies one of the smallest astounding island of the Indian Subcontinent – the ST. MARTIN ISLAND. The clear-water beach, warm weather, varieties of sea-food stalls by the beach makes it the most demanding spot for the tourists.
  • Nepal – the land of Everest (Pokhara Valley)
  1. This has to be in our top 10 places to visit in South Asia to make justice to this article. The breathtaking Pokhara Valley in Nepal is a must-visit if you want to soak yourself into immaculate nature. With its untouched beauty, the Pokhara Valley is enclosed with ranges of tall, snowy hills, one of which is the famous ‘Himalaya.’ You’ll feel the hug of nature in this place.
  • Bhutan – The land of biodiversity ( Tiger’s Nest Monastery)
  1. This is one of those heritages of the Indian Subcontinent that you won’t want to miss. The Tiger’s Nest Monasterythe heritage of Bhutan situated in the middle of a rocky extension of a hill. Once you hike up and reach it, the aerial view of the entire monastery will be mesmerizing. There are oak trees that drape the Kingdom.
  • Maldives – the aqua paradise (Fihalhohi Island Resort &Baros Island)
  1. If you are a beach lover and want to add-in scuba diving into your vacation, then you must visit the Fihalhohi Island of Maldives. This is one of those astounding places of Maldives with tropical vibes. The island of Maldives will give you therapy away from your hectic work life.
  2. Another must-visit island in the Maldives is Baros Island. In our article, the top 10 places to visit in South Asia, this is the most incredible one. You’ll see shades of clear water when the sunlight reflects on it. The island has white sand and beautiful private villas with pools and other facilities. The whole view is a treat to the eyes if you go once.\
  • Pakistan –holds the heritage of archeological sites (Swat valley)
  1. Another amazing place to mention in the top 10 places to visit in South Asia is the Swat Valley of Pakistan. The locals call it small Switzerland due to its amazingly snow-covered hills in winters. The natural beauty of this place is astonishing with greenery which is mostly seen in summer, high ranges of mountains, and clear lakes.
  • Sri Lanka – the land of Ceylon tea (Sigiriya Fortress)
  1. If you want to feel the earth very close, then you need to have a visit to Sigiriya Forest in Sri Lanka. Even though Sri Lanka is heavily known for its tea gardens, but this is a hidden treasure. This place has a historical insight as well and consists of a 250-meters vertical HUGE rock. From the top of the rock, you can view the entire fortress covered with evergreen trees.

These were those top-notch places 10 places to visit in the Indian subcontinent. There are many more. You’ll get lost by the wonders of these places and your vacation will seem worthwhile. So, get ready to explore these top 10 places to visit in South Asia in your upcoming holidays.



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