How To Teach Kids About Importance of Time?

how to teach kids about time
how to teach kids about time

We all know how important time is, and once it’s gone nobody is capable to bring it back! This line itself holds a significant value in human life. Therefore the earlier a human learns it, the better he can succeed in life. Hence, it is important that you teach your kids from a very early age, the significance of time because the earlier you can shape the young mind the better they will be acknowledged about it in life. But before that, you should know how to teach kids about time!

Why is it important for parents to teach kids about time?

Kids are free-minded, they hardly have any idea about their surroundings or what challenges they are going to face when they get older. To prepare them for the obstacles of the world fearlessly, this is a small step you as a parent can start with, which is teaching them to value time.

Time management is an excellent skill that leads to success, and many adults even realize it later. So why not start guiding your kid about it from now on?

how to teach kids about time
how to teach kids about time

What a parent should know on how to teach kids about time?

  • Don’t be too serious on little ones: depending on the age of your child, act that way. For pre-school kids, let them decide whether they want to learn about it or not. Have a few trial and error, if things don’t work for them then just let it be.
  • Set them a time schedule for everything and encourage them to follow it: if your kid is old enough to follow and understand a schedule, then make one and motivate them to follow it. But DO NOT over-schedule or be tight with it.
  • Reward them for completion of things, such as finishing their study or cleaning their room, on time: kids love rewards, so this will encourage them to maintain it for a long time. And when they will get used to schedule-working, you don’t have to bother anymore.
  • Teach them the negative consequences of not maintaining a schedule: just don’t get too pessimistic while teaching the negative consequences. Or else, their soft mind will get scared, and even if they slip out of time management someday, they might lose hope.
  • Give them free-time too: Not only for work-purpose, but time management can also be made fun or sometimes you should try to make it fun by implementing it on their favorite activities throughout the day, which is called ‘free-time.’
  • Teach them how the clock works with their favorite animated clocks: buy them their favorite cartoon character clock or calendar to make time management and scheduling more enjoyable.
  • Have a gentle competition for time managing works within siblings: it’s always fun to learn with same-aged siblings or friends. Having a friendly competition on who can manage time well and follow a schedule will also teach them good lessons on time.

How to teach kids about time- Final Verdict

As a parent, it is your utmost duty to start teaching your child about the most important soft skills in life that are ‘time-management’ from a young age. Don’t wait for schools to teach it. Now that you know the important tips on how to teach kids about time, you can start implementing them on your ones.

Was this article resourceful for you? Let us know. Also, if you have any suggestions on how to teach kids about time, or any other observations regarding the importance of time for the kids, you can simply comment below. We would love to know.

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