How To Teach Students With Disabilities?

How to teach students with disabilities
How to teach students with disabilities

Teaching students with some sort of disabilities, like vision impairment, deafness, autism, etc. can be challenging than the ones without. As a teacher, you have the responsibility to teach them with the topmost priority as you would’ve done with normal students. Let’s be real, sometimes you will get exhausted due to teaching them, but as you’ve taken this responsibility you should know how to teach students with disabilities.

Why a teacher should know effective methods to teach students with disabilities?

For a teacher, knowing effective methods to teach students with disabilities will make teaching fun and easier for the students and the teachers as well. These methods are not rocket science, but basics that should be known. Disabled students require special care but that should not take away their right to study. Teachers play an important role in their life too. So, if the teacher is prepared to teach them in the right way, the rest becomes easy.

The things that you as a teacher on how to teach students with disabilities are:

hot to teach students with disabilities
hot to teach students with disabilities


  • Offer them the easiest choices possible to learn, which is error-free.
  • If they are unwilling to concentrate on academics, sit and talk with them softly and try to understand their problem.
  • It’s ok to go study-free sometimes. Disabled students are always subconsciously stressed about how different they are from normal ones, which hits them hard sometimes. If there are days they don’t concentrate, just let them be.
  • Do not force them to know/learn something. Forcing them might have a negative impact on their brain. Instead, go easy with their learnings.
  • Make things fun for them, add more visuals, or audio or anything that will catch their interest in academics faster.
  • Cut out hard vocabularies that they might not understand.
  • Encourage and applause them for any kind of accomplishment in front of other students. This will motivate them. And try not to insult or scold them at any cost as this will affect them mentally thinking, that they are not good enough.
  • Assure them that you as a teacher is always there for any problem they face regarding learnings. This will slowly build up the trust in you and they can learn easily letting you know every problem of theirs.

How to Teach Students with Disabilities- Final Verdict

Trust me or not, the students who have disabilities of any form, are boon with extra talents. They have talent, they can ace in any other sort of activity if not study. No matter what you teach disabled children, whether singing, art, or dance, make sure you follow those simple guidelines. The most important thing to remember as a human at least, that you should never compare them with ‘normal students,’ because their disability was not their choice.

Now that you know the simple things on how to teach students with disabilities, you can start to bring these changes in you if you haven’t already. No matter what age those students are, they all crave extra love, care, and attention from their surrounded people. When you are teaching them, you have to treat them as you would do to your own child for those few hours. You need to adjust your mindset like that as they deserve that opportunity too.

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