Kuakata Sea Beach-Best Tourist Place of Bangladesh That One Should Never Miss!

tourist place of Bangladesh
tourist place of Bangladesh

Kuakata sea beach is located in Kuakata which is a beach town at the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. It is the 2nd largest sea beach in Bangladesh after Cox Bazar and considered as one of the best tourist place of Bangladesh. It is a rare scenic beauty spot with an excellent combination of picturesque natural beauty, sandy beach, a blue sky, a huge expanse of the water of the Bay, and evergreen forest. It must be included in every traveler’s bucket list of places to visit within Bangladesh. 

Where Is Kuakata In Bangladesh

Kuakata is in the Latachapli union under the Kalapara Police Station of Patuakhali district. It is about 30 km in length and 6 km in width. It is 320 km from Dhaka.

Why You Should Visit Kuakata

There are couples of reasons that Kuakata considered as one of the best tourist place of Bangladesh. Kuakata is a perfect destination for travelers who prefer a calm environment. The sun rising and setting in the Bay of Bengal makes it a unique place in this region. The crimson sun provides a mesmerizing view of this beautiful nature. Kuakata is a sanctuary for migratory winter birds, a series of coconut trees, sandy beach of blue Bay, a feast for the eye. Forest, boats plying in the Sea with colorful sails, fishing, towering cliffs, surfing waves everything here touches every visitor’s heart. The unique customs and costumes of the ‘Rakhine tribal families and Buddhist Temple of about a hundred years old will amaze you for sure. Kuakata is the pilgrimage of the Hindus and Buddhist communities. Many devotees arrive here at the festival of Rush Purnima and Maghi Purnima. They take a holy bath here on these two days and traditional fairs are held here. People should visit Kuakata and discover the lovely grace of Bangladesh. The sandy kuakata beach has gentle slopes into the Bay of Bengal. 

Kuakata-Tourist place of Bangladesh
Kuakata-Tourist place of Bangladesh

Glorious History, Origin Of The Name And Enriched Culture of Kuakata: One Must Know 

The history of this place is quite fascinating. There are many incidents that make it unique. The name itself is quite interesting if you know how it came into existence. Kua means well and Kata means dug in Bengali. This came into existence when the Rakhine settlers from Myanmar came to Bangladesh. These settlers were expelled by the Mughal rulers from Myanmar and they came to Bangladesh for a safe place to live. They came to this place in search of drinking water and in the process started digging a well. This was during the 18th century. This became a tradition and soon the settlers were known for their digging art and they started digging several wells in the surroundings. The culture of this place is also fascinating that made it as one of the best tourist place of Bangladesh. Both Hindus and Buddhists come to this place for the holy bath. There is an old Buddhist temple in this place as well which about 200 years old is. 

When You Should Go To Kuakata: Best Time for Visiting Shagor Konna

Kuakata has a very pleasant tropical climate. Most of the season the rain keeps the temperature low in this place. The rain makes the climate suitable for tourists to travel at any time of the year. There is a short dry season of two months which does not have any major impact on its weather overall. The average temperature is 25.9 degrees centigrade which is quite the perfect temperature for trips. January is the driest month. The best time to visit this majestic place would be from January to April. It will give you an amazing experience in both the dry climate and wet season. This is the most considerable reason to consider Kuakata as one of the best tourist place of Bangladesh.

Why Kuakata is the Best Place for Watching Sunrise and Sunset

Kuakata is one of the unique places to see the full view of both sunrise and sunset from the same place or same position. One should wake up very early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise from the beach. In the evening visitors will enjoy the attractive sunset.

How to Reach Kuakata

By Roads: From the Dhaka airport to this place is a two-phase journey. The two-phase journey is quite interesting as the view is excellent. You can drive to your destination traveling through the majestic valleys.

Phase1: Dhaka to Barisal, It takes around 3 hours to reach Barisal where you can go for lunch. There are many good restaurants in this place.

Phase2: Barisal to Kuakata, There are several ways to complete the phase. By the roadways, you can go by bus which will again take almost 2 hours to reach the destination.

By Air: The nearest airport is in Dhaka. From there you can board a bus to this place. There are several international airlines that you can board. As Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh you don’t have to worry about transportation.

Waterways: If you want to spice up your journey then why don’t you start at the beginning? There is no other way to experience the beauty, then traveling through the waterways. There are ferry services available to travel to your destination. The rates are also very much reasonable.

Hire Taxi service: If you want to reach your hotel after a hectic flight then hire a taxi. There are several taxi services that you can avail in this place. 

8 Wonderful Places in Kuakata: One Must Visit 

Kuakata is one of the rarest places whose charismatic beauty and serenity cannot be described in words. Why Kuakata is considered as one of the most popular tourist place of Bangladesh? Let’s know about some tremendously wonderful places in Kuakata you should go in your lifetime.

Kuakata Fatrar Chor: 

Fatra’s chor is a famous tourist place near Kuakata beach. The Fatrar Chor is a part of Sundarban. That’s why it is familiar as a mangrove forest. Visitors have to rent an engine boat near the beach. It will take almost an hour’s boat journey from Kuakata sea beach. There is a canal in that place and forest beside the canal. Visitors should enter the forest after taking permission from the forest camp. 

JhauBon at Kuakata:

Near Kuakata sea beach, Jhaubon is covered by many Jhau trees and coconut trees that you may find within walking distance. This place is better to see the sunrise scenery at Kuakata. There is a mesmerizing Eco-park at Jhaubon area. Gangamati Reserved Forest is situated in the east of Jhau forest. So, Visitors can travel both Jhaubon and Gangamati Reserved Forest at a time. Early in the morning, the sun rising scenery can be viewed from this corner.

Kuakata sea beach

It is the most popular site in this place. The beach is very long and is a perfect place for you to walk and relax. Many people come to this place for photography. The panoramic view of the sea from this beach is excellent. During the festival time, many devotees come to this place for holy rituals. This is the perfect time when you can experience the culture of this place. People also come to see the local fairs here.

Ilish Park:

This place is a perfect place if you are traveling with your family. Oriental food is quite popular in these regions and they serve some amazing dishes in their restaurants. There is also a place to play for the children. At a glance, this is a perfect place to visit with your family.

Kuakata Buddhist Temple:

Kuakata Buddhist Temple is located four kilometers away from Kuakata beach. The traveler may visit there by any vehicle. If the travelers visit Buddhist Temple they will see the statue of Gautam Buddha and will also see the 200 years old wells. Visitors will find the hundred years old tradition and cultural heritage of traditional Rakhine tribal families and Buddhist Temple. 


Misripara is a very popular Rakhine village which is known for its 200 years old Buddhist temple. There is also the famous 30 feet tall Buddha statue. If you want to visit this place the best way to reach this place is to hire a motorcycle. Many local agencies provide motorcycle hire services to travelers. As the roads are not that good, a motorcycle is the best ride for you.

Rakhine Market:

This is a very old market that is located near to this place. If you want to take some artifacts from this place as a memory to your home then this is the perfect place where you and get the best products at a very reasonable rate.


There are several kuas in the place. This place has a fascinating history of wells as the name came from the wells dug by the Rakhine settlers. Some of these wells which were dug several years back are still there. The local authorities were quite successful in preserving these historical sites. 

Where to Stay In Kuakata: Suitable Hotels or Resorts For You

Hotel Banani Palace

It is located close to the beach, with nice views of sunrise and sunset. Rooms and bathrooms are modern. Hotel fare is in the range of BDT. 800-2500.

There are some other hotels also located near the beach.

Some of those are following-

  1. Hotel Kuakata Inn
  2. Hotel Graver Inn
  3. Hotel Sea Palace
  4. Hotel Al-Hera (For Budget Trip- Low-Cost Rooms). 

There are also some comfortable hotels notable. If you stay with a good room rate plus a good atmosphere then you could choose Kuakata Inn, Sagor Konna, Anondo Bari. 

So, don’t delay and visit the panoramic Kuakata sea beach at any of your upcoming holidays. There is no doubt that you will surely enjoy a lot in the best tourist place of Bangladesh and your trip will be memorable!!


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