Kaptai Lake

Covid Pandemic and World Tourism Industry

We can all agree that this pandemic that Covid-19 has dragged along with its unforeseen arrival has altered the course of life of one and all. No sector, be it agriculture...
Robotics Engineering

Future of Robotics Engineering in Bangladesh

With the future only looking up at the current point of our lives, our arsenals loaded with innovative strategies for a better tomorrow, the same can be said about robotics. Robotics,...
Make money from home

Online business- Start Making Money From Home

While many people are hunting down for a job and trying to work for others, you can start an online business as one of the best sources of self-employment and work...
top 5 fat burning foods

Top 5 Fat Burning Foods – Choose Yours Today!

With people preparing to lose weight, armed with the aspiration to be the best version of them, it is crucial that you are not left behind. Looking after your physical appearance...
healthy foods

How to Lose Weight- Diet to follow

While gearing up for the venture of weight loss, it is crucial that you are aware that not only exercise regularly but also keeping pace with a well-planned diet plan will...