how to start freelance jobs

How To Start Freelance Jobs?

Looking for a job with no experience? Want to be self-employed? Want to earn money per-job basis? Want short term but well-paying job? I know what you're thinking. Who doesn't right?...
business ideas from home

Top10 Business Ideas From Home

It's time to ditch your dull 9 to 5 job for a more comfortable life of working from home. When you think about it, it's a necessity. The first goomba to your...
five personal grooming tips for women

Five Personal Grooming Tips For Women in Winter

Winter is approaching! Yes, you heard that right. Now, Game of Thrones may survive the winter without any grooming tips but in modern times you cannot underestimate the importance of being...
easy skin care at home

How To Manage Easy Skin Care At Home?

Easy Skin Care At Home Skin is the largest organ of the body and because of its placement outside the body, it’s more likely to be damaged easily. Because this is the...
10 easy beauty tips

Explore Your Beauty with 10 Easy Beauty Tips

Beauty is something that pleases both the eyes and the heart. In this postmodern era, there is no such thing as ugliness, dull, crude etc. The words are endless but also...
How to teach students

How To Teach Students-The Art of Teaching

Teaching no less than a form of art as “Teaching is the one profession that creates other professions.” Anyone can ‘tell’ but a few can 'teach.' The art of teaching lies...
How to teach students with disabilities

How To Teach Students With Disabilities?

Teaching students with some sort of disabilities, like vision impairment, deafness, autism, etc. can be challenging than the ones without. As a teacher, you have the responsibility to teach them with...
how to teach kids about time

How To Teach Kids About Importance of Time?

We all know how important time is, and once it’s gone nobody is capable to bring it back! This line itself holds a significant value in human life. Therefore the earlier...
How to teach kids about patience

How to Teach Kids About Patience?

Patience is a virtue, and this virtue must be instilled in a child so that it can help them later in life. Being patient can be hard, especially for a child....
how to teach kids division

How to Teach Kids Division With 7 Simple Techniques?

Ever thought of teaching kids division is way tougher than it looks? Ever thought why won’t they just pay attention and wanted to give up? Well, that’s because kids find division...